How to Check My Star Card Balance

You may keep up to date on your Star Card account balance by contacting the Exchange Credit Program via phone or online. You may create an online account for instant access to your balance information. This last method is also a good way to keep current on the card's promotions and discounts such as deployment benefits and the 90-day Military Clothing Plan.


Paper and E-Statements

If you receive statements through the mail, the balance may be out of date -- any purchases made since the close of the billing period won't be reflected on the statement. This is also true for your e-statements, which also do not reflect the latest account activity. Additionally, interest on the card continues to accrue on outstanding balances, and your account balance may have changed since the statement date even if you haven't charged anything on the card.


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Contacting ECP

The most current Star Card balance information can be obtained by calling the Exchange Credit Program's toll-free number. You'll be asked for your name and account number, and to verify your Social Security number and date of birth. As of July 2015, the toll free number in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii is 877-891-STAR. If you're outside the United States, you'll need to call the specific toll-free number listed for individual countries on the ECP's Help and Contact page. The calls must be placed collect when calling from Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iceland.


Online Account Information

The easiest way to get your balance information is through an online MyECP account. Set up your account via the Create Your Profile page. You'll need to supply your name, Social Security number and date of birth to set up the account. The system takes you through some account information screens, then you must choose a user name and password to sign in. Once the profile is set up, you may check the balance, account activity and any current payment due on the Account Summary page. You can also change your address, make a payment, add an authorized user and order a new card online. You must call customer service to report a lost or stolen card, or to close the account. Charge disputes must be handled in writing either by mail or email.