How to Redeem My AT&T Gift Card

AT&T reward cards are redeemed online.
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AT&T offers a number of rewards for signing up for services such as Internet or cell phones, including gift cards. Redeeming your gift card requires claiming your reward and then activating the card on the AT&T Reward Center website.


Claiming Your Reward

The first step in claiming your reward is to activate the service or install and activate the equipment for your service. Once the service goes live, AT&T sends you a reward notification in the mail. The reward notification typically includes a claim number. You enter the claim number, or your account number and zip code, on the Reward Center website. Once you claim your reward, AT&T mails you your gift card. According to AT&T, you can expect this portion of the process to take seven weeks.


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Activating Your Card

Your card is not active when it arrives at your home. You must activate it on the Rewards Center website in order to redeem the card. To do this, enter the card number and PIN, which AT&T notes is the final four digits of the card number. Completing the activation process redeems your gift card and makes the balance available for you use.