How to Fill Out a Billing Address

When you make a purchase on the Internet, any legitimate site will require you to enter a billing address before continuing with the purchase. If you aren't an experienced online buyer, the entire concept of a billing address can seem confusing at first, since the company will also ask for your shipping address afterward. The billing address is the address registered to your credit or debit card; it's used for verification purposes.


Step 1

Remove the credit card you're paying with from your wallet. Look on the front of the card for your name. Enter your name exactly as it appears on the card in the appropriate text box, which is typically the first box on the billing form. Some companies do not require a name when filling out the billing address.


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Step 2

Type in the address attached to your credit card. Do not enter the shipping address. If you are unsure of your billing address, access your online credit or debit card account and look at the information on file.

Step 3

Enter the country and state the billing address is located in. Type in the ZIP code. Some companies may also require you to type in a phone number, if you have one.



Step 4

Review the information. Make sure everything entered in the billing address matches the information on file for your credit card. If you're missing a letter from the address or forgot to enter your last name, you will likely receive an automated message informing you the purchase could not be made.



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