How to Get Walgreens Employee Discount Online

All Walgreens employees receive an instant 15 percent discount on all items, whether you buy them in a Walgreens store or on the company's website. When you were first hired, you received an ID and password that could be used to access the employee website. From that site, you can access the discount website and begin putting your employee benefits to use.


Step 1

Visit Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Careers" under "Company Information." Click the red "Current team members search jobs here" button at the top right of the page. This link will lead to the Walgreens employee website.

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Step 2

Enter your authenticator ID in the "Authenticator ID" text box. Type your password in the "Password" box. You were given an authenticator ID when you were first employed with Walgreens. Click "Login."


Step 3

Click the "" link on the right side of the page. Do not click "Back" to go back to the original site. The discount website is a separate from the original site, and you will not receive a discount unless you click the discount website link.


Step 4

Choose which items you'd like to buy and add them to your cart. The items are automatically discounted, so the price you see in the Walgreens shopping cart is the price you'll pay. Enter your payment information to complete the purchase.

Step 5

Click "Log out" to end your session. You can also close out the Web page, and the site will automatically log you out.




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