How to Use a Card for the ATM

Using an ATM is a simple process, and makes it easy to receive funds quickly.

An automated teller machine (ATM) is a commonly used device from which one can access bank accounts, check account balances, make cash/check deposits, make cash withdraws and request cash advances from credit cards linked to their bank account(s). ATMs provide bank clients with a more convenient place to do their banking, as opposed to going into a bank and having a human teller assist them. In order to access bank account information through an ATM, a debit or credit card is needed.

Step 1

Slide your card (debit or credit) into the ATM, and select the language in which you want to do your banking.

Step 2

Enter your personal identification number (PIN) into the keypad on the ATM. A PIN number is a numeric code that is used to identify a user within a banking system. PIN numbers are first created by users when checking or credit accounts are opened and they can be changed if needed. The PIN number is required to access your banking information. Without it, you will be denied access to your account information and funds.

Step 3

Select the option you wish to use, such as checking your account balance, withdrawing funds or making a deposit, and wait for the machine to pull up that option.

Step 4

Place cash or checks into bank envelopes and insert them into the machine for deposits.

Step 5

Select the amount of cash you want to withdraw, keeping in mind that most ATMs have a daily limit of 500 dollars per day.

Step 6

Remove your card from the ATM when you have completed your transaction.

Step 7

Wait for a receipt to print, and take it with you so that you have a summary of your bank information.


Memorize your PIN number (a memorable number that should not include any personal information) or write it down so that you always have access to it. However, do not place the PIN number in your wallet or bag or have it written on the card.


Keep your ATM card in a safe place (e.g. always in your wallet). If you put the ATM card in your bag, without a wallet's protection, it could become demagnetized from exposure to keys and other metal objects. If a card is demagnetized, it will not work in an ATM and will have to be replaced.

Things You'll Need

  • Debit/credit card

  • Access pin ID