Chase Bank ATM Instructions

Using a Chase automated teller machine is a quick process.

Sometimes you need to make a bank transaction and the bank isn't open or you aren't where one is located. Chase bank has automated teller machines available 24 hours a day. Automated teller machines often are available in many more locations than the bank itself, especially in places where you may want extra cash like amusement parks or entertainment districts. Once you get the hang of using the Chase machine it is a simple process.


Step 1

Memorize your bank card PIN. PIN stands for personal identification number, and it is how the machine knows you are the authorized user of the card. The magnetic strip on the back of the card holds your account information, so the machine can match this and access your account. If you put an incorrect number in the ATM your transaction will be rejected.


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Step 2

Drive or walk up to a Chase automated teller machine. In cities there are often walk up machines, or at bank locations inside a vestibule or lobby. Many have outside drive up machines you can access from your car.

Step 3

Present the card into the machine face up, with the magnetic strip facing down. The machine should have a diagram showing you how to insert the card as well. Older ATMs hold the card inside until the transaction is complete. At newer ATMs, you slide the card in until it is read then remove it.


Step 4

Type in your PIN when the screen tells you to do so. There is a keypad below the screen with numbers, and some screens are touch screens with a keypad on the screen itself. There should be a clear button if you make a mistake.

Step 5

Choose the type of transaction you wish to make. Choices will be to make a deposit or withdrawal, check your balance and transfer between accounts. Often before this screen appears at a Chase ATM there will be an advertisement for services that you can select to see or to skip. If you are not a Chase account holder, it will tell you if there is a fee for using this ATM with another bank card. You must choose to accept or refuse the fee; if you refuse the fee, the transaction will end.


Step 6

Select to withdraw money if you want cash. The Chase ATM will list various options such as "Withdraw" or "Fast Cash" where you can quickly pick a set amount of cash. Select the amount you wish to take from your account from either the touch screen or the keypad. The machine may ask if you want a receipt with the transaction; it is always a good idea to get one to have a record. Once the machine accepts the instructions you will hear the mechanisms inside begin to work and a small door will open at the bottom with your cash. Count it immediately and put it away.


Step 7

Prepare a deposit envelope if one is required before your transaction begins if you are depositing into your account. Fill out the slip, and have the cash and checks ready to go with it. If an envelope is needed fill it out where indicated on the outside. Some Chase ATM's have gone to a no envelope system. These systems read the documents then show the images on both the screen and receipt, making it clear what has been deposited with an actual picture available. The rest of the transaction is the same.

Step 8

Collect your receipt and be sure you have your card before you exit the Chase automated teller machine.


Always protect yourself and your information at an ATM.