Air Force Reserve Officer Pay Scale

Air force reserve officer salaries vary by experience, rank and drills.

The pay scales for officers serving with the Air Force Reserve are paid in terms of a base rate and drill pay. The amount an officer will receive depends on his rank, the amount of drills performed each month and his years of service with the Air Force Reserve. Reservists also receive tuition fee reimbursement.


Base Pay

Pay grades change with rank. While a Brigadier General with between six and eight years experience will make $8,837.70 a year in base pay, a Colonel with the same experience will make $6,897.60, a Lieutenant Colonel will make $6,203.70, a Major will take home $5,588.70 a year and a Captain will earn $5,188.80 annually. A first lieutenant with the same amount of air force experience will earn $4,438.50 a year and a second lieutenant will have salaries of $3,502.50 annually, all as of January 2011.


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Drill Pay

Pay may depend on the amount of days spent on duty each month, the amount of time served with the air force and the ranking of the officer. As of January 2011, Second Lieutenants with two years of experience or less receive $92.80 per month for each drill they undertake. A Captain with between three and four years experience receives $151.40 per month per drill. One drill typically takes one weekend to complete.

Years of Service

The amount of time served in the air force will change the amount of money an air force reservist receives. A Major with two years experience or less will earn $4,221.90 a year and $140.73 per drill. An officer of the same rank with between three and four years of experience will earn $5,213.40 in base pay and $173.78 per drill. With between 10 and 12 years experience, this increases to $ 6,317.40 base pay and $210.58 per drill. Majors with over 18 years experience earn $7,049.10 in base pay and $234.97 for each drill weekend. Pay is capped for each year of further air force experience.


Tuition Fee Reimbursement

Those serving with the Air Force Reserves, just like those on active duty, are eligible to receive tuition fee reimbursement. Reimbursement covers tuition fees, computer fees and enrollment fees. The Air Force pays a maximum of 100% of tuition for fees not exceeding $250 per semester hour, $166 per quarter credit hour and $4,500 per fiscal year.