The Salary of a Navy Police Officer

Law enforcement officers with the U.S. Navy enforce military laws and provide security for their fellow crew members. These officers investigate crimes that occur aboard naval vessels, and work to prevent acts of terrorism against naval institutions at sea and on the shore. Like all members of the military, naval police officers earn a salary and benefits commensurate with their experience and years of military service.


Navy police officers earn a salary on par with those of other enlisted officers. New law enforcement crew members start at pay grade E-1, and are eligible for an increase to grade E-2 after nine months of successful service, according to After another nine months, Navy police reach pay grade E-3, and six months after that, they are promoted again to pay grade E-4.

According to the U.S. Navy, law enforcment crew members at pay rate E-1 earn $1,447.20 per month as of the date of publication. At grade E-2, salary increases to $1,622.10 per month, and at E-3, these crewmen earn between $1,705 and $1,923 per month, depending on rank, responsibilities and performance. Pay grade E-4 equates to a salary range from $1,889 to $2,120. After four years of service, naval police can be promoted to commissioned officer ranking, where pay ranges from $2,746 to $6,777 per month.



All naval police accrue 30 days of annual vacation, or leave, per year. They also receive free housing and food, as well as extensive tax breaks and life insurance benefits. All members of the military have access to full, comprehensive health care coverage. Some also qualify for tuition discounts or reimbursement through the G.I. Bill.

Civilian Naval Police Salaries

Civilians looking to serve as naval law enforcement officers can find opportunities with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, or NCIS. NCIS officers investigate threats against the U.S. Navy, and help prevent attacks from terrorists and other threats against naval targets. Civilians who work for NCIS do not have to enlist in the military, but they must be willing to work anywhere in the world, including positions at sea. These special agents receive a salary based on the U.S. federal government pay scale, starting at grade GS-07. At GS-07, officers earn $33,979 per year, in addition to a 25-percent law enforcement availability pay. Depending on where they are stationed, these officers may also receive a special location pay bonus. NCIS officers can earn salary increases up to GS-13, which equates to an annual base salary of $71,674. Those promoted to supervisory positions may earn even more.