The Salary of an Army Green Beret

Members of the U.S. military's Special Forces, known as Green Berets due to their unique headgear, do duty assignments on a worldwide scale. This includes active duty assignments in counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense and direct action assaults. They also train, equip and support foreign troops to protect their country's citizens from enemy aggression.

Enlisted Soldier Basic Pay

Special Forces soldiers receive basic pay for active duty, as of 2011, depending on rank and years of experience. The U.S. Army reports that a private with a designation of E1 earns $17,611 a year. An E2 private with less than two years and up to six years in the service earns $19,739 a year. An E4 Corporal or Specialist receives $22,993 with less than two years in the service, $26,770 with four years in the service and $27,911 with six years in the service.

Basic Pay Active Duty Officers

The U.S. Army reports that officers at the level of a second lieutenant earn $33,408 with less than two years in, $42,030 with four years and $42,030 with six years in the service, as of 2011. First lieutenants earn a yearly salary of $38,488 with less than two years of experience, $52,189 with four years and $53,262 with six years in. Captains receive $44,543 with less than two years, $59,189 with four years in and $62,266 with six years in the service.

Special Duty Pay and Other Compensation

Special Forces soldiers can receive, as of 2011, special duty pay ranging from $75 and up to $450 extra per month on top of their basic pay, the U.S. Army states. This is for duties that require an extended amount of responsibility or effort. They can also receive a foreign language proficiency pay of up to $1,000 a month for active duty. They must have received certification in a needed foreign language with the previous year to be eligible.


Army Green Berets receive a wide variety of benefits once accepted into Special Forces. Recruits in this unit can receive a maximum enlistment bonus, as of 2011, of $6,000, the U.S. Army reports. A U.S. soldier can potentially obtain up to $83,488 in funding to support higher education. This is complemented with specialized training that the Army provides while on duty. They also receive full healthcare and dental benefits and 30 days of vacation per year.