How to Check on How Many Air Miles I Have With Shell

Shell Canada offers Air Miles rewards for drivers enrolled in their Air Miles program. Air miles are redeemable for airfare, travel and merchandise. Air Miles members receive quarterly account summaries, but you can also check your current Air Mile balance online at the Air Miles Reward Program. Shell UK also offers a reward program that allows you to earn points for each purchase. These points can be redeemed for Airmiles, and you can check your points balance on the Shell Drivers' Club web site.

Checking Air Miles with Shell Canada

Locate your Air Miles Collector number on your Air Miles card. This is the eleven digit number directly above your name.

Visit the Air Miles website. Enter your collector number in the text box under the question "How many miles do you have?"

Click on the button labeled "Go."

Read your Air Miles balance that appears after you log in. To read more detailed information about your account, click on the account button and log in using your collector number and PIN. You can then see not only your Air Miles balance but transaction and redemption history.

Checking Air Miles with Shell UK

Visit the Shell Drivers' Club website. Enter the first nine digits after the numbers 700405 on your Shell reward card in the Quick Login section. Enter your password below and click the button marked login.

View your points balance under your account information.

Confirm that your account has opted in to receive Airmiles for points. You will receive one Airmile for each Shell point that you have. Airmiles are distributed quarterly to Shell Drivers' Club and Shell V-Power Club members who select Airmiles for their reward.