How to Get a Senior Discount Card?

Get senior discount cards that help cut costs.

Senior discount cards allow people to receive special rates with a participating company or retailer. Senior discount cards most often allow people to save some money by cutting the cost of groceries and other day-to-day necessities, which is a huge help to seniors who live on a tight budget. The seniors must meet the minimum age requirement specified in order to qualify for the discount card.

Step 1

Inquire with the company about the availability of senior discount cards. Many companies' discount cards are available upon request. Ask the customer service representative about any age restrictions and what proof of age is required.

Step 2

Provide proof that you are a senior citizen in the form of a driver's license, nondriver's identification, birth certificate or passport. A retired military identification card also qualifies.

Step 3

Request the paperwork for the senior discount card and fill out any forms that are required.

Step 4

Sign the back of the senior discount card when you receive it and keep the card with you when you go out. This will allow you to get the most benefit from using the card on a regular basis.


Keep all your discount cards in one place so that you can find them more easily. When at a different store/retailer, ask if any of your existing senior discount cards will work there.


Read the directions that come with your discount card. Not all companies accept all senior discounts at all times. Check the expiration date on your senior discount card and reapply for the card before the expiration date so that you will not have your discounts discontinued.

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