How to Get My W2 From Target

The federal government, as well as every state, sets minimum filing requirements for individuals, married couples, dependents and senior taxpayers over the age of 65. Your W-2 form not only includes all of your personal information, but also lists the employer's information and the amount of wages and taxes withheld for the year. If your wages exceed the filing requirements for the federal government, you'll need to complete federal tax forms, and if the number exceeds your state's requirements, you'll need to file state tax returns. Both require you to attach a copy of the W-2. If you work for Target, and the company has yet to send you the Form W-2, you have several ways to go about getting a copy.

How to Get My W2 From Target
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Ask Your Store Manager

Before asking your store manager, make sure you've waited the appropriate amount of time. All employers have until January 31 to mail out W-2 forms. The forms will not always come from the store where you work, but may actually be issued from out of state. Give it about two weeks from the end of January for the forms to reach your mailbox. If you haven't received your W-2 from Target by February 14, it's reasonable to inform the store manager, who can contact the accounting department to make sure they have your correct mailing address. Your manager can also request a duplicate copy of your W-2 form.

Use Target's Online Portal

Target actually has an online portal that employees can use to check on the status of their W-2s. You must first create an account. If you already have one, go ahead and input your username and password in the appropriate boxes and click Login. After you log in, you can browse the site and print forms and year-end tax statements, including the W-2.

Request a Transcript From the IRS

Transcripts that include the income information your Target employer reported to the Social Security Administration can be accessed by requesting an income transcript. Start at the IRS homepage and select File, followed by Individual. Click Your Information and then Tax Record (Transcript). The last step is to select Get Transcript. Decide if you want to make the request online or by mail. Either way, you must submit your date of birth, SSN and address.

If you need a previous year's W-2 from Target, print and fill out IRS Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return. It is important that you don't forget to sign the form after you fill out the required information. Look for your state in the form's instructions to locate the fax number or mailing address to use to get the form in the right hands for processing.

If H&R Block Does Your Taxes

If you're willing to allow H&R Block to do your taxes, you can take advantage of their Early Access program. All you have to do is go to the company's W-2 Early Access webpage and search for Target in the Employer Name box. If you have the employer's FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), input that instead. Follow the prompts to find your Form W-2 and give permission for the document to be electronically submitted to your local H&R Block office. Visit the office to have your taxes done and don't forget to bring two forms of identification with you.