How to Write a Check for Cents Only

How to Write a Check for Cents Only
Emphasize cents in checks that you write for less than a dollar.

Date your check. Write the month, day and year where indicated on the upper right corner of your check.

Indicate the name of the person or company to whom you are giving your check. Write it legibly on the blank line that begins with the words "Payable to" or "Pay to the order of." For example, write "Thrifty Farmer's Market." Avoid abbreviations.

Place a decimal point right beside the "$" sign in the dollar box. Immediately follow the decimal point with your numerical amount and then the word "cents." For example, "$.89 cents."

Write the word "Only" on the line beneath your payee's name, which ends with the word "Dollars." Next, spell out your check amount in longhand and then add the word "cents." For example, "Only Eighty-nine Cents." Remember to hyphenate any amount from 21 to 99; for instance, "Twenty-one to ninety-nine."

To ensure that no one can add more numbers or words to your amount description, draw a line from your written word "cents" to the printed word "Dollars" at the end of the line. Then, cross out the word "Dollars."

Sign on the signature line to make your check legal. On the memo line that begins with "For" to the left of your signature, write the purpose of your check. For example, write "Sprouts."