How to Write a Money Order

Write a Money Order

A money order is a piece of paper that acts like a guaranteed check. A money order can be purchased at banks and grocery stores, as well as several other types of stores. Ask at the front desk if the store you are in sells money orders. Most money orders cost between 50 cents and $4. A money order is machine-stamped with the amount of money the money order was purchased for. For example: If you purchase a money order for $50, the establishment where you purchased your money order, will print $50 in the amount field. You will pay the establishment $50 plus the cost of the money order.


Step 1

In the "Pay To" field, write the name and the address of the person or the company you are sending your money order to.

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Step 2

Fill out your personal information with your name and address in the "From" field.


Step 3

Include the date when you purchased your money order if it was not printed for you. Most establishments will print the date on the document for you.


Step 4

Add any additional information, such as an account number, below your address.

Step 5

Tear off the carbon on the back to keep for your records.


Make sure the amount and the date are correct before leaving the establishment.

Things You'll Need

  • Money order

  • Pen


Don't throw the carbon away until you know your money order has been cashed by the receiving party. Just in case the money order gets lost or stolen, you will need to have proof of your purchase.

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