How to Price Used Four Wheelers

If you are interested in buying or selling four wheelers, you will need to determine a good price for a used ATV. Prices can fluctuate depending on demand, which is why you need to assess the current market value of four wheelers in your area. You can even check the values in nearby cities to see if you can get a better price by driving somewhere else. If you are having trouble locating used four wheelers that are for sale, check out used motorcycle listings as ATVs are often lumped in with motorcycles.


Step 1

Enter in the model information for the four wheelers you are interested in on the NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book websites (see Resource section). You'll also be asked for your zip code so that the most accurate quote can be given. The price you get can be used as a general guide.

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Step 2

Check out some listings of used four wheelers on national websites, such as ATV Trader Online and eBay Motors (see Resource section). You can see the prices for four wheelers in your local area and across the nation, which allows you to see how the prices in your area compare with other areas.


Step 3

Browse your local newspaper ads to see if anyone locally is selling used four wheelers. If so, you can compare models listed for sale to get a good idea of the average price in your area. Also look on Craigslist for more ads in your area.


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