How to Find Scrap Copper Prices

A pile of scrap copper.
Image Credit: Patrick morrissey/iStock/Getty Images

Scrap copper is all around the common household. Old electrical wires and air conditioning units are a great source of scrap copper. If you decide to collect scrap copper for sale, it's useful to know the current scrap copper prices.


Step 1

Research online. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to scrap copper prices and other relevant information. Before you check scrap copper prices, be sure to know what type of scrap copper you have. There are many different categories and each has its own set of specifications.

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Step 2

Call your local junk yard or recycling plant. Most of these places will pay you a certain amount per pound when you turn in your scrap copper. Make sure to call around to get the best price.


Step 3

Check with the London Metal Exchange. This exchange monitors and reports on global markets for industrial metals. This exchange will help you determine a fair price for your scrap copper.

Step 4

Keep an eye on local, national and international scrap copper prices. These prices will fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.