How to Sell Gold Flakes

Turn your gold flakes into cash.

You've been hoarding the tiny flakes from your Goldschlager for years now and it's finally time to reap the fruits of your labors: You're ready to turn your gold flakes into cold, hard cash. You just need to find out where and how you can sell those tiny flakes. You've seen the ads on T.V. about turning your gold into cash but you want to make sure that you get the best price for your stash.


Step 1

Sell your gold flakes to a gold-buying company if you are in some sort of financial emergency and you need money fast. These companies will not give you top dollar for your gold, but they will definitely give you some cash for it.

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Step 2

Ask local jewelers if they are interested in buying your gold flakes if you only have a small amount. Jewelers hang on to gold scraps when they do things like resize rings or repair chains, then sell them to a refinery when they've collected a significant amount. You may have some luck selling your gold to a jeweler.


Step 3

Sell your gold to a refinery if you know that you have more than one ounce of pure gold. Refineries will pay for gold no matter what form it comes in, whether it is old jewelry, nuggets or flakes like yours. They will charge you to refine it, though, so if your flakes aren't pure and you have less than one ounce it may not be worth it to sell to a refinery.


Step 4

Sell your gold flakes to tourists if you live near some gold-related tourist attraction. If you live near a gold mine or panning spot that has an Old Town, you can divide your gold flakes into little vials of water and sell them to tourists as souvenirs. Tourists will pay more than the gold is worth because they're buying the gold as a keepsake rather than as an investment. You can sell flakes with lots of impurities for top-dollar this way, but it's labor-intensive.



Step 5

Mix your gold flakes into one pound bags of sand and gravel and sell them as mining rough on eBay. You can sell these bags of mining rough guaranteed to contain real gold to people who want to pan for fun for significantly more money than the actual gold is worth.

Things You'll Need

  • Gold flakes

  • Vial



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