How to Make Money Selling Used Jeans

If you are looking to make some cash by selling your jeans it isn't a bad way to make a few bucks. The idea of buying new clothes always makes me worry. What will I do with the old clothes? How will I find the money to put those new clothes in the closet? If you are looking to sell your old jeans for cash, here's how!


Step 1

First, you need to go through your closet and see what jeans you need to get rid of. Make a pile on your bed and set every pair out that you feel you need to let go.

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Step 2

Going through each pair of jeans, take a minute to take a picture of the jeans. I usually take a picture of them laying out, and any photos of holes there are in the pair.


Step 3

Document any holes there might be in your notebook. What I mean is make sure you can tell your buyer about how big the hole is and describe if it is a rip, tear or hole from wear. Keep in mind, the more holes the merrier when it comes to selling jeans (it is a gothic thing.)

Step 4

Once you have your jeans out and ready, you need to post them online. You can easily post them on Craigslist for free. This is a quick write up of an ad and photos. Ask that the people pay in cash and arrange to meet them in a public place.



Step 5

The fastest way to sell jeans is in a lot of same size jeans. This way the buyer will purchase all the jeans at the same time.

Step 6

Pricing the old jeans depend on the type of jeans are in your closet. The American Eagle, Levis and top of the line can easily be $10 a piece. Other lower label recognition are around $3 to $7


Step 7

If you are feeling really excited about the possibilities of cash, consider putting up an ad on to get the most out of your jeans. Buyers bidding them up, you will see your lot of jeans get a lot more cash than if you just sold the lot for one price on craigslist.

Things You'll Need

  • jeans

  • camera

  • computer

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