Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Clothing Retailers

Guerilla marketing will help create a buzz around your business.
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Using guerilla marketing as a means to promote your products and services involves the use of several non-traditional methods that usually have very little to no cost. A few tried and tested guerilla marketing ideas might come in handy in increasing your sales and attracting more customers.


Hand Out Flyers

Distributing flyers is a cheap and effective way to advertise your business. One idea is to exchange flyers with businesses that don't compete directly with you. For example, if your clothing store caters to women, see if a store that caters to children will agree to display your flyers if you return the favor. Mothers shopping for their kids will will see your flyer and keep you in mind the next time they need to buy clothes for themselves. And mothers who visit your store will see the kids' store flyer and keep it in mind the next time they need to shop for their children.


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Set a Deadline

People tend to procrastinate, so having limited edition sale items will create a sense of urgency that will bring more customers into your clothing store. Advertise these items in flyers, on your website, and in signage inside and outside your business. The cost is minimal but the potential payoff is big.


Create a Scene

People are naturally curious creatures drawn to where the action is. When someone spots a long line or eager throng waiting in front of your clothing store, they will definitely slow down to sneak a peek. The best way to scrounge up a crowd is to get your family and friends to congregate at the same time on the same day in front of your store. You'd be amazed at how many potential customers will show up to see what the big deal is.


Make Your Storefront Unforgettable

People tend to look at things that are out of the ordinary. To set your clothing store apart from the crowd, add colorful and unique artwork to storefront. Commission and an artist to create an eye-catching mural on the inside. Use window displays that exhibit your apparel in a unique way, such as arranging clothing items in such a way that they resemble a skyline.


Refine Your Branding

Another way to make your clothing store unique is by giving it its own signature or brand. Hire a graphic artist to come up with a striking logo. Display the logo on your storefront, on shopping bags, on your website and social media sites. This form of "bagvertising" will help customers remember your business.



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