How to Buy Really Cheap Replacement Sofa Cushions

Sometimes cushions take a beating and need to be replaced.

You may want to buy replacement sofa cushions if your sofa is old, of low quality or you bought it at a rock-bottom price online. If you don't have enough money for a new sofa, getting replacement cushions may allow you to extend the use of your sofa. Look for used furniture stores in your city to find the best deals on cushions.


Step 1

Measure the sofa cushions you have now or take them with you when you go shopping at a used furniture store.

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Step 2

Look for sofa cushions that are the same size or a little bit smaller than the sofa cushions you currently have. The most important thing you should be looking for is how comfortable the replacement sofa cushions are.


Step 3

Buy a few different cushion styles if you cannot find an adequate number of the same sofa replacement cushions. Just make sure the sofa cushions you buy are about the same height and the firmness. Try sitting with part of your body on one cushion and part of your body on the other type of cushion and see if it feels similar enough.


Step 4

Buy an additional sofa cushion that is filled with foam. If the couch replacement cushions you bought are a lot smaller than the originals, buy two additional cushions.

Step 5

Take your newly purchased sofa cushions home and wash them well. Make sure that you have killed all the germs from the previous owner.


Step 6

Place the cushions on your sofa. If they fit perfectly, skip to Step 12.

Step 7

Lay the cushions on the couch so that they are centered, with equal space on both ends of the couch, if the replacements are too small for your couch. If the cushions don't reach all the way back, place them at the front of the couch so that there is empty space in the back only.



Step 8

Take the extra cushions you bought and open them up. Take the foam out of the covering.

Step 9

Cut the foam into large strips that will fit into the empty spaces of the couch. (You should cut a strip for each side of the couch and cut several strips to fit in the back of the couch so the cushions don't fall back.)


Step 10

Place the foam in the empty spaces of the couch so that the cushions fit firmly. If they are loose and falling, add some more pieces of foam.

Step 11

Take a couch cover, large quilt cover or even a big flat sheet and cover over the replaced couch cushions and surrounding foam.

Step 12

Decorate with throw pillows, if you wish.


Remember that you can change to other couch replacement cushions when you have the money.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Couch or quilt cover

  • Foam cutting tool

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