How to Pack a POD

Portable moving containers such as the ones offered by PODS Enterprises Inc. offer convenient moving solutions. The company delivers the PODS container to your home and later moves it to your destination. You may take as long as you need to pack the PODS container and unpack it at your new home. PODS also offer storage solutions; pack the unit and keep it at your home for storage or have the company tow it away for off-site storage. When packing the unit, use all available space, both floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. Fitting items tightly together will help reduce the risk of damage from shifting.


Step 1

Wrap your furniture with self-adhesive stretch wrap. This helps prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged.

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Step 2

Place a furniture pad on the bottom of the PODS container before loading your furniture.


Step 3

Pack the largest items into the unit first. Arrange them to make the best use of the space available. Stand a couch on its end and tables on their sides if they will fit that way.

Step 4

Distribute weight evenly throughout the PODS container. For example, place a couch on the far right-hand side of the unit and a similarly heavy object on the far left-hand side. Place heavy items on the bottom of the PODS container and stack lighter boxes on top.


Step 5

Pack as many items into boxes as you can fit, but do not pack the boxes so full that they bulge or the tops do not close. Add fillers like plastic foam peanuts and packing paper to the boxes to fill in small spaces to help prevent damage.


Step 6

Fill in all available spaces among your furniture and larger items with boxes and other smaller items. Stack boxes on the couch, underneath chairs or wherever they will fit securely without risk of falling over.


Step 7

Stack heavier boxes on the bottom of the PODS container and lighter boxes higher up.

Step 8

Bundle fabrics, blankets and pillows into plastic bags and use them for cushioning between boxes and larger items.


Step 9

Use the loading straps within the PODS container. Secure them to the evenly spaced eyehooks on the interior of the unit. These help prevent your belongings from shifting.


Take inventory of every item you pack into the PODS container for your records. If you pack a refrigerator into the PODS unit, clean it out and fill it with smaller items. Small boxes of books and odds-and-ends easily fit onto refrigerator shelves, which frees up more space in the PODS unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Stretch wrap

  • Furniture pads

  • Boxes

  • Plastic foam peanuts

  • Packing paper

  • Plastic bags

  • Loading straps

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