How to Recycle Foam Rubber

How to Recycle Foam Rubber. Foam rubber is affordable and readily available in both craft stores and hardware stores. Used for insulating, upholstery, arts and crafts and more, extra scraps of foam rubber can be recycled for use around your home. Whether recycling the piece of foam rubber that wrapped and protected your new electronic toy or reupholstering a piece of furniture, don't throw away that extra foam rubber.


Step 1

Keep your clothing from falling off the hanger with a piece of thin foam rubber. Cut a long strip of foam rubber wide enough to double over the hanger. Apply a piece of double stick tape to the hanger and attach the foam, keeping your clothes where they should be.

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Step 2

Remove animal hair from your furniture or car upholster with a small piece of foam rubber. Spray a piece of foam rubber lightly with water and wipe the upholstery with long strokes, picking up the hair quickly and easily.


Step 3

Recycle those small scraps of foam rubber and keep your mats and rugs from slipping and bunching. Glue a small square of phone rubber to each corner of the rug or mat and allow to dry. Foam rubber has great traction and will keep your rugs and mats in place for good.

Step 4

Use a piece of foam rubber to make a foaming bath sponge. Cut to pieces of foam in either a square or decorative shape. Stitch the two pieces together, leaving a small opening. As your bars of soap become small slivers, slide them into the opening and use it as a foaming bath sponge.



Step 5

Waterproof a piece of thick foam rubber by placing it in a garbage bag and taping the plastic shut. You can use your waterproof foam pad in the garden, while working on the car or any other project that requires the protection of your knees or bottom.

Step 6

Protect your Christmas ornaments or delicate glassware during storage. Wrap your fragile glass pieces in scraps of old foam rubber before placing them in a storage box.


Step 7

Save your foam rubber scraps and recycle them for kids crafts. Foam can be cut, painted, glued and sewn in a number of creative ways for a multitude of fun arts and crafts projects.



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