How to Make a Cheap Dog Pen

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Many dog owners like to let their dog have the run of the house or yard, but there are times when owners need to pen their dogs. Young dogs can chew everything that falls in their path, so confining them at night is a good idea. Also, many dog owners prefer that their dog stay in a specific area while they are away. These people don't want to invest a lot of money in a dog pen, but they do want to find a solution that will give them peace of mind. A cheap dog pen is a good answer.


Step 1

Measure and mark the area of the planned dog pen. Mark the spots designated for the corners with stakes, as well as the spots designated for the pen gate. You must decide on the size of the pen based on your dog's size and the amount of time that the dog will spend in the dog pen. If you plan to confine your dog to the pen only at night when the dog is sleeping, you do not need a large dog pen. Likewise, a small dog will not need a huge pen. To keep the cost low, don't build a pen that is larger than necessary.


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Step 2

Dig holes that are about 2 feet deep (about 3 inches by 3 inches in diameter) for each corner of the dog pen, as well as two additional holes for the dog pen gate. In total, you will dig six holes.

Step 3

Pour cement into these holes. Mix the cement powder with water according to the directions on the bag of cement mixture. Purchase cement mixture at home centers and hardware stores.


Step 4

Install the wooden fence posts into these corner holes while the cement is wet. You can purchase pre-cut wooden fence posts at home centers, wood suppliers or hardware stores. These are the dog pen fence corners. The height of the posts must measure the height of the planned dog pen. Building a pen for a small dog demands a much lower pen than a dog pen for a large dog or a dog that jumps.


Step 5

Lay chicken wire along the perimeter of the dog pen. Place bricks on it to hold it down. This will prevent the dog from digging under the fence.

Step 6

Cut the chain link fencing to the appropriate length of each side of the dog pen, leaving an extra 6 to 8 inches to spare. Run each piece of chain-link fencing from post to post of the dog pen. Tie the chain link fence to the posts with fence ties and pliers by twisting the ends of the fencing together. Leave an opening for the gate.



Step 7

Screw two hinge assemblies to one gatepost of the dog pen. Measure the exact spot on the post where the hinges will hang, matching them to the hinge locations on the gate. Attach the hinges in place by screwing the hinge assembly onto the post with a screw gun. Use wood screws to hold the assembly in place.


Step 8

Hang the gate onto the fence post hinges, sliding the hinges of the gate onto the hinge assembly mounted on the dog pen gatepost. Use a full-length gate so that the dog cannot crawl under it.

Step 9

Affix a latch to the gate with the matching latch attachment to the gatepost

Step 10

Lay tarp over a corner of the pen for shade. Make sure that the dog always has plenty of fresh clean water in the dog pen.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Wooden stakes (2 inches by 4 inches)

  • Six wooden fence posts (2 inches wide)

  • Chicken wire

  • Chain link fencing

  • Wire cutters

  • Wood screws

  • Screw gun

  • Hinge assembly

  • Door hinges

  • Gate

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