Cheap Slumber Party Ideas for Girls

Have a teen girl group practice their hairdressing skills.

Organize an inexpensive slumber party for a group of girls on any budget. Use household items to come up with games, crafts and other activities to keep the girls occupied and have each girl bring their own sleeping bag to camp out in the party room. Use craft activities during the slumber party as party favors for the guests to bring home for an inexpensive alternative to loot bags.



Make sleeping bag invitations at home using cardstock and leftover fabric scraps from around the home. Cut a piece of cardstock into a medium-size rectangle. Write the party details on one side of the cardstock. Cut a piece of scrap cotton fabric so that it measures approximately 1/2-inch larger than the cardstock rectangle on each side. Hem each side of the rectangle and sew one short end to the bottom of the party invitation on the side with the party details. Make a small slit in the top of each side of the fabric and insert a piece of ribbon. Use a hole punch to make a hole on each top side of the cardstock and thread the ribbons through the holes and tie the ribbons in a bow to keep the invitation closed.


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Use simple and inexpensive decorations for the party room. Purchase any necessary items from a dollar or discount store to keep the party on budget. Hang posters of the groups favorite music and film stars from the guest of honor`s own collection. Set up a comfortable seating area with beanbag chairs, large throw pillows or cushions from around the house. Set up a table or two for the evening's activities. Cover the table with a light-colored tablecloth or linens and place a basket, filled with cosmetics and nail lacquers underneath towels, on the table. Arrange edible decorations, such as sprinkles, edible glitter, icing and coconut at the opposite end of the table. Fill another basket or box for the table with cheap craft items, such as empty jars, discount pillowcases, fabric markers, aloe vera gel and polyester glitter.



Girls of most ages enjoy makeovers, baking and craft activities. For a small slumber party group, have the girls visit each table as a group. Begin at the table end with the basket and provide each girl with a cosmetic makeover and manicure. Move to the craft section for each girl to make a container of body glitter and to decorate a pillowcase to bring home. For a young party group, have premade sugar cookies at the final table and have the group decorate cookies to enjoy later. For an older party group, venture to the kitchen to make the cookies from scratch before returning to the table to decorate the cookies. Make personal-size pizzas for dinner so that each guest can add the toppings of her choice and end the night in sleeping bags in front of the television for a favorite movie before bedtime.



For a birthday slumber party or just for something for the girls to remember the event, put together a party favor bag of inexpensive items. Include body glitter and pillowcases made at the party, discount store nail lacquers, temporary tattoos and candy necklaces, bracelets and rings. Party planners can make cookie bouquets instead for the girls to bring home. Make sugar cookie dough and cut shapes from the dough using girl-themed cookie cutters, such as shoes, lipstick tubes, gingerbread girls, hairbrushes and tiaras. Insert heat-proof wooden skewers into each cookie and bake. Decorate the cookies when they cool and wrap them each in cellophane wrap to keep them fresh.