How to Convert a Cheap Pair of Sunglasses Into Eyeglasses

Have you ever owned a great pair of sunglasses and just didn't want to give them up? Maybe you found a cheap pair at a flea market and broke the lenses, but you didn't know what to do with them. You can take those old sunglasses and turn them into eyeglasses if you wear glasses regularly.


Step 1

Look at different examples of eyeglasses. This gives you the chance to see if your sunglasses are the right size for regular glasses. You can also get a few examples of eyeglasses that might look similar to them. Larger glasses and those with rounded lenses are generally better for sunglasses.


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Step 2

Check the sides of the sunglasses and find small screws holding the lenses in place. If you see 1-2 small screws, use a screwdriver to gently remove the screws, and then push out the lenses.

Step 3

Place your fingers on the lenses of the sunglasses and give them a gentle push. If the glasses use plastic lenses, using enough force or pressure should pop the lenses right out of place.


Step 4

Make an appointment at your optometrist or eyeglass store. Bring along your glasses and let them know that you need lenses to fit those frames. They can measure the frames and order the right size in your prescription.


Step 5

Place the new lenses inside your glasses once they arrive. Simply hold the glasses in your hand and gently pop the lenses into place. Then screw the tiny screws back into place and those old sunglasses are ready to use as regular eyeglasses.


Don’t settle for a doctor who tells you that they can’t put lenses in your frames. Eye doctors do it all the time for patients who need a new prescription, but love their old frames.


Don’t attempt to put the new lenses into your old glasses yourself. You can easily scratch or damage the lenses, rendering them useless.