How to Repair an Eyeglass Scratch Using Lemon Pledge

Repair scratches in plastic eyeglass lenses with Lemon Pledge.

With the rising costs of optical care and eyeware, most consumers want to make their glasses and their money last for as long as possible. Repairs to eyeglasses can often cost nearly as much as replacing the glasses altogether. If you have scratches in your plastic lenses, however, take heart. A cheap fix using Lemon Pledge can repair minor scratches and make your plastic lenses as good as new. Repeat the procedure as necessary to prolong the life of your eyeware.


Step 1

Rinse your plastic lenses to remove any hard dirt or grit. Avoid touching them while rinsing because rubbing at this stage could cause further scratching if you don't remove the grit first.

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Step 2

Clean the lenses thoroughly by washing with a mild detergent using your fingers. Rub the soapy water in soft, circular motions. Don't miss any spots.


Step 3

Dry the lenses with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Avoid using paper towel products which have rough fibers that damage eyeglass lenses.

Step 4

Spray the lenses lightly with Lemon Pledge. Using a clean cotton cloth, wipe the Lemon Pledge over the lenses in small, circular motions. The wax from the Lemon Pledge fills in scratches without affecting your vision.



Step 5

Repeat the cleaning and spraying process as needed. The wax from the Lemon Pledge may only last for a few days at a time making it necessary to reapply at least twice per week. The wax in Lemon Pledge is safe and will not hurt your plastic eyeglass lenses.

Things You'll Need

  • Dish detergent

  • Cotton cloth

  • Lemon pledge


Check your lenses. This scratch repair technique will only work on plastic lenses; if tried on glass lenses, it could cause irreparable damage.

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