Cheap Ways to Purify Tap Water

Purifying water is not just a good way to get that tap water taste out of the water that comes into your home, it is also a matter of safety. In the event that a water treatment plant fails or a water main breaks, having cheap and quick ways to purify your water supply could be the difference between healthy, clean drinking water and unsanitary water that can make you sick.


Boiling Water

The cheapest but also one of the most time-consuming ways to purify water is simply to boil it. While boiling does not kill all of the possible contaminants that can be found in a tainted water supply, it kills the most dangerous bacteria and renders chemicals docile. To get the best possible results from boiling your water, ensure that it boils for no less than one full minute at a high, rolling boil. Boiling for longer may kill more of the bacteria.


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Carbon Filtration

Filtering tap water through a carbon filtration unit is an excellent method for people wanting to remove elements such as chlorine or soot from their water while also removing bad odors and other common pollutants. What separates carbon filtration from some other methods of water purification is that you can build your own carbon filtration system using little more than PVC piping, activated carbon and Polyfiber material.


Purchasing a Filter

Prices on some models of water filtration units have dropped dramatically, and filters are more widely available than in the past. Faucet-based filters can be found in stores for as little as $20, and other filtration devices such as pitchers that you store in your refrigerator can go for as little as $12.