How to Open a Safe If You've Lost the Key

A safe holds valuables and important documents in a household or office. It is important to keep the key of the safe in a place you will remember but that is not easy for someone to find in the event of a burglary. Manufacturers create safes to resist tampering in the event of a break-in. So, if the key of the safe is stolen or if you lost it, opening the safe requires either a difficult and expensive procedure or a memory recall.


Step 1

Stop panicking and calm down. Sit in a quiet place and try to remember where you put the key to the safe. You might have hidden the key so well that you just forgot its location.

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Step 2

Ask family members, friends or co-workers if they have seen the key. It's possible that someone found the key and kept it for you.


Step 3

Contact the manufacturer of the safe. The manufacturer will mail you a duplicate key by mail to replace the lost key. You will need to give the model and serial number of the safe when you contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers usually print the model and serial number of the safe near its door hinge. Some manufacturers require a notarized letter to prove safe ownership.



Step 4

Find a locksmith. Look up the Yellow Pages to find a bonded and insured locksmith who has experience in opening safes. Before you employ the locksmith, check with the Better Business Bureau about his reputation. Some manufacturers have a list of local locksmiths, authorized to open safes manufactured by them.


The manufacturer of the safe might charge you for a duplicate key.

Things You'll Need

  • Name and details of manufacturer

  • Telephone

  • Yellow Pages


Do not try to break the safe with tools like a crowbar or hammer. Safes are made to resist these methods, and you could damage your valuables or hurt yourself.

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