How to Place an Ad in PennySaver

The Penny Saver is a print and online publication dedicated to advertising classified ads in many different areas of the country. You can sell everything from household goods to homes in the Penny Saver, so if you are looking for another publication to advertise your items for sale you may want to place an ad here.


Step 1

Go to

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Step 2

Click the button in the upper right hand corner labeled "Place a free ad."

Step 3

Choose the specific category for your classified ad. Choose the subcategory for that particular classified category.


Step 4

Choose a title for your PennySaver ad. Try to make this as descriptive as possible so people will want to read through your classified ad. Write a complete description of the item you're looking to sell in the description field.


Step 5

Create a number of related tags to help with the Web-based search form. Enter the price in the next field. Click "Add Photo" if you want to upload any photos. Enter your location and contact details. Click "Place My Free Online Add Now!"



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