How to Sell Stocks With Schwab

You can enter a sell order with Schwab online or by speaking with a Schwab adviser on the phone.

The Charles Schwab Corp. is a brokerage firm that offers both online and in-house financial services. If you want to sell a stock at Schwab, you can either speak with a financial adviser at the company, enter your own trades online or use the Schwab automated phone system. Online trades are the most inexpensive option, while using the services of an adviser is the most expensive.


Step 1

Choose your method of execution. If you wish to sell a stock using a financial adviser, either call or visit your local Schwab office and provide all the relevant information to the Schwab adviser. Phone-assisted trades can be executed by calling Schwab's toll-free automated trade number (866-232-9890) and following the prompts. If you prefer to use the Schwab website to sell your stock, you will have to follow a series of steps.


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Step 2

Log in to your Schwab account. Using the information provided when you opened the account, go to the Schwab website and enter the appropriate information. Your portfolio's details should appear on the screen.

Step 3

Get a live quote. Type in the name of the security you want to sell or simply click on the stock in your account if you already own it.


Step 4

Click the "Trade" button. After you pull up a quote, one of your options will be to trade. If you wish to enter multiple simultaneous trades, click on the "Trade Multiple Stocks" tab.

Step 5

Enter your desired trade information. Click the radio button next to "Sell" to set up your trade, then fill in the quantity of shares you wish to sell, along with any additional trade information according to your needs. For example, if you want to enter a specific price for your sell order, or if you want the order to remain until you cancel it, you can enter that information on this screen.


Step 6

Review your trade information. Before you can place your sell order, you must click on the "Review Trade" button. Your trade information will appear on the screen, including the estimated commission and net estimated proceeds.

Step 7

Place your order. Click on the "Place Order" button once you have reviewed your trade's specifics. Once your order is entered, you will see the order acknowledgment screen to verify it.