How to Buy Yahoo Stocks

How to Buy Yahoo Stocks. One of the premier Internet portal companies that facilitates electronic communication and Internet search functions is Yahoo. To invest in this industry an investor may wish to buy Yahoo stocks. Follow the steps below to obtain stock from this exciting and diverse company.


Step 1

Establish a budget for the stock purchase. A person can buy any amount of shares of Yahoo provided he or she has the funds. However, you want to diversify your investments.

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Step 2

Open an investment account if this is your first stock purchase. You can open an account at your local bank or choose an online financial services website.


Step 3

Deposit the budgeted fund into your investment account. Each bank has its own set of rules so be sure to read all the fine print before opening any account. If you decide to use an online financial services company then you will need to complete all of the necessary registration steps and then deposit the funds to the account online from your bank electronically.


Step 4

Research the Yahoo stock and determine when the best time to buy the stock is. As the old saying goes, "Buy low and sell high." Therefore, you should wait until the stock comes down in price. Most online financial services companies will allow you place a limit order. A limit order is where you specify a price you want to buy the Yahoo stock. Then the order will not execute until the price falls to that amount.


Step 5

Wait for the limit order to execute and then monitor the Yahoo stock activity to determine if you should buy more of the stock, or if at a later date you need to sell the Yahoo stock. Listen to earnings calls and financial shows to determine the future value of the Yahoo stock.