How to Buy De Beers Stock

De Beers Diamond Jewelers, based in South Africa, has been the leading miner and reseller of diamonds for over 100 years, controlling over 85 percent of the supply, according to CNN. In 2001, LVMH from France bought a 50 percent stake in the company, which paved the way for investors to share in their success. Though De Beers does not trade on a public exchange, investors can buy De Beers stock.


Step 1

This is the LVMH quote screen at the Euronext.

Find the current price for LVMH stock, which trades on the Paris stock exchange in France. LVMH owns a 50 percent stake in De Beers. Use the link in Resources for a direct connection to the Euronext site.


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Step 2

The XE screen to specify the currencies to be converted.

Convert the quoted price into U.S. dollars to figure out the per share cost. Use the link in Resources for an online tool to help with the currency conversion.


Step 3

Contact your established brokerage firm (by phone or online) and place a trade for symbol "MC" on the Paris exchange. The Paris exchange is open weekdays until 11:30 a.m. eastern time.


Step 4

If the Paris exchange is closed or if the broker requires it, place an overnight order that will trade the next day in Paris. Use the per share price to specify the price in Euros that is the maximum to be offered.

Step 5

Wait 3 business days and the trade will settle. You now own LVMH stock and through it you have bought De Beers stock.


LVMH owns many other businesses under its retail umbrella. De Beers is only a part of the companies you own when you invest in LVMH.

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