How to Sell a Timeshare on Ebay

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Selling a timeshare can be difficult if you don't advertise in front of the right group of people. eBay is a great place to sell timeshares because it has such a huge audience. There are also a large number of individuals who use eBay to sell their timeshares, so people already know to go there when they want to buy a timeshare. eBay also has timeshare selling guides and trading assistants available to help you through the whole process.


Step 1

Start by taking a look at other timeshares for sale on eBay. Note which ones look appealing and which ones you glance right over. You should take notes so that you know how to format your listing to look as good as the ones you find appealing. Make sure you also take a look at the going rates. In other words, how much are the timeshares selling for. To get that information, you will need to look at timeshares that are in a similar location and have similar features (number of bedrooms and bathrooms).


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Step 2

Decide what your minimum selling price is. Make sure it is lower than what you actually paid for it. Timeshares don't grow in equity like houses do. They actually lose out over time. So if you paid $10,000 for your timeshare five years ago, don't expect to get someone to pay that much for it today. Still, knowing what the minimum amount you will accept will help you in listing and selling the timeshare when the time comes.


Step 3

Read eBay's timeshare seller's guide before proceeding any further. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to sell your timeshare on eBay. The link below the article will take you directly to the guide.

Step 4

Login to your eBay account or create one if you don't already have one. This part is totally free. Set up your seller's account, and then you are ready to list your timeshare for sale.


Step 5

Decide if you want to sell your timeshare regularly or whether you want to list it with eBay's Superlister tool. This tool will help you make your ad stand out so that you sell your timeshare faster, but it does cost an extra $15 to use. The listing fee for timeshares is $35, so you would be paying $50 to list your timeshare if you use this tool. Again, your decision should be based on other eBay ads and which ones caught your attention.



Step 6

Follow all of the steps to complete your listing. This is very easy to do and eBay will take you through it one step at a time. They provide instructions for each step. Don't forget to include as many pictures as you can of your timeshare. You won't sell the timeshare without pictures, so make sure they are good and cover all rooms and views. When you are done, click "list item."


Step 7

Wait for your timeshare to sell. This usually takes seven days, but you have the option to choose the duration of the auction for your timeshare. Once the timeshare sells, then you can contact the buyer to make the necessary arrangements for transfer of title. You will also have to pay another $35 when the auction is over if you successfully sold the timeshare.


Consider using a trading assistant. They will do all the work for you, including helping you with the title transfers. eBay offers a list of them. The link is provided for you below the article.


Be aware that if your timeshare doesn't sell, and you have to re-list it, you will have to pay the insertion fee all over again.

Things You'll Need

  • Timeshare photos

  • Insertion fees

  • Final selling fees



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