How to Find Out the Value of Your DVDs

DVDs range in price.

Despite the ability to download movies through services such as Netflix, CNET News reports that DVD sales are actually increasing. This is good news if you are a DVD collector hoping that your collection is still of value. You may, however, be curious to know the actual value of your DVD collection. Fortunately, you can figure this out with relative ease if you follow a few basic steps.


Step 1

Got to the website

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Step 2

Enter the name of the DVD that you want to find the value of into the search box and hit enter.

Step 3

Select the version of the movie that you have from the search results list and click on it.


Step 4

Take note of the price range for a DVD in the same condition as yours. For example, if your DVD is new, look at the prices for new DVDs whereas if it is used look at the prices for used DVDs. To get the book value of the DVD click on "DVD Detail," which will show you the official list price of the DVD.



Step 5

Calculate the value of your DVD. You can do this either by taking an average of DVDs in the same condition to give you an average value or by using the list price to give you the book value for the DVD.

Step 6

Repeat this for each DVD in your collection.



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