Where to Sell Used Jewelry

Selling used jewelry does not have to be difficult. Whether you choose to visit a local jeweler, pawnshop or antique store, or if you choose to sell your goods online, there are a number of places available that would love to buy your pre-owned jewelry.

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Check websites online to sell.
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There are a number of websites (established and new) that will buy your used jewelry. Cashforgold.com, goldkit.com, and sellusyourjewelry.com are all websites that will purchase used jewelry for market prices. The process for selling used jewelry to these places is relatively simple: You mail the items you want to the buyer, and they mail you back a check for the value of the item. The amount you receive for your used jewelry is based on the current price for precious metals and jewels on the stock market as well as the overall condition of the pieces. Therefore, jewelry that has been obviously damaged or is of poor quality materials will not earn as much as jewelry that is in relatively pristine condition and is made of high quality metals and gems.


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Pawnshops, antique shops and jewelry stores are also places to sell used jewelry. Unlike selling to an online website, selling used jewelry in person can cut down on the hassle of packing and mailing your jewelry. If you are not familiar with a pawnshop in your area, try pawnshoplistings.com, a website that offers a list of pawnshops by region.

Online Auctions

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Try online auctions.
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Another place to sell used jewelry is through online auctions. Online auctions in some ways can offer you more control than visiting a jeweler or pawnshop. By listing your used jewelry at an online auction through websites such as Ubidz.com, ebay.com or onlineauction.com, you set the price for your merchandise based on what you feel the item is worth. Keep in mind that if you set your used jewelry up for sale on an online auction, you will have to provide high quality pictures of the jewelry, and also pay the postage to send it to the winner of the auction.