How to File a Jewelry Claim With State Farm

At State Farm, your personal jewelry is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy as long as you signed up for the Personal Articles Policy when purchasing the insurance. In order for a jewelry claim to be approved by State Farm, you must have a photograph of the item as well as a receipt or appraisal documentation, and the item's purchase dates and serial numbers, when available. State Farm also prefers that the jewelry be part of your home inventory list, which is completed at the time of your homeowner's insurance policy.


Step 1

File a police report with your local police station if the jewelry was stolen. While filling out the police report with the officer, give specific information on the jewelry, including the style, such as bracelet or brooch, and any important identification information, such as the item's serial number.


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Step 2

Take photographs of the jewelry if the damage was caused by an event such as fire or a natural disaster. Record the date of the occurrence and a general description of what happened to cause the damage.

Step 3

Contact State Farm Insurance to file your jewelry claim. To file a claim online, visit the Claims Center page on State Farm's website, where you can electronically submit a claim, find the contact information for your local office, or look for an update on an existing claim. For a link to the State Farm Claims Center, see Resources.



State Farm recommends keeping your home inventory list updated every time you make a major purchase, such as new jewelry, electronics, or musical instruments. Keep the receipt, serial number and photograph of the new item as proof of ownership, and update your home inventory list with State Farm regularly. For a copy of State Farm's home inventory checklist, see Resources. When taking a photograph of your jewelry as part of your home inventory list, State Farm prefers a dark, glare-free cloth background and glare-free shots of each item. If your jewelry has been appraised, make sure you keep documentation with the appraiser's name and address.

Things You'll Need

  • Insurance card

  • Police report



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