How to Become a Certified Dialysis Technician

Some states require diaylsis technicians to be certified.

Kidney disease or kidney failure often lead to a patient beginning dialysis. During a dialysis treatment, blood is removed from the patient, cleaned of all impurities and returned to the patient. Dialysis technicians are employed to operate the dialysis machines and tend to the patients who are using them. Not all states require dialysis technicians to be certified, but certification may help you get a job over someone who doesn't have it.


Step 1

Get a high school diploma if you don't already have one. Some states will allow dialysis technicians to obtain a GED instead, so check first if you aren't sure.

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Step 2

Volunteer at your local hospital to gain some experience in the medical field. While you are there, sign-up for a CPR/first aid certification class. You will want to know how to resuscitate a patient if an emergency arises.


Step 3

Sign-up for and complete a state-approved dialysis technician training program. These programs can be found at community colleges, technical schools and hospitals. At the end of the program, you will need to pass a test in order to receive your certification.

Step 4

Apply for physical training at a hospital or dialysis center. Even though you have a certification, you will still need on-the-job experience. Once the training is finished, the hospital or dialysis center may offer you a full-time job.


Taking extra science or medical courses in high school and college can help place you above other dialysis technician job candidates.

For more information about dialysis, contact the National Kidney Foundation (see Resources).


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