How to Get Teacher Discounts at Verizon Wireless

Search for Verizon teacher discounts.

Many companies offer discounts to teachers and educators. These range from small savings to free merchandise on some occasions. Finding the discounts can be a bit complicated, but teachers deserve benefits for their hard work. Some cell phone companies offer discounts to teachers, including Verizon Wireless.


Step 1

Contact your school district to receive a discount code if one is available. According to the Verizon Wireless representative, it is unable to check for discounts unless a person already has a cell phone. However, she suggested calling the school district to see if it has a teacher discount code.

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Step 2

Contact your teacher's union or National Education Association. Discounts are listed on NEA's page, but as of December 2010, Verizon is not a listed discount program. However, discounts continuously change. You must be a union member or an NEA member to receive available discounts.


Step 3

Enter the Verizon Wireless Discount Program Web page. Enter in your school email address and verify it. The system then states whether a discount is available in the specified school district. Discounts vary depending on school districts. Duval County Florida was listed as a discount area. Check for your specific school district.

Step 4

Search online teacher discount sites. Currently, using one of these sites, there is a 15 percent discount if your school district is participating. Simply enter your school district to see. (Resource)


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