How to Register My Coach Handbag

Some Coach purses need to be registered.

Handbags purchased through Coach are guaranteed for seven years. During that time, you can ship your purse to the company to get it repaired. Although the shipping and handling for the repairs is $20, it is much cheaper than getting your purse repaired by an outside company. Registering your handbag makes you eligible for the repair service and warranty. Coach stopped including registration cards in most of its handbags, so you have to take an alternate route to register your new treasure. Many new handbags do not require registration at all.


Step 1

Bring your purse to a local Coach retailer. Explain that you want to register your handbag.

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Step 2

Give them your purse so that they can write down the serial number.

Step 3

Provide them with your residential and personal information.


Step 4

Keep all your receipts and repair records for your handbag for as long as it is under warranty. Coach doesn't require newer bags to be registered, so you might not have to register your purse to receive the warranty repair service.




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