How to Buy Used Tow Trucks

How to Buy Used Tow Trucks
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If you are interested in starting a repossession or towing business, you do not have to buy or lease brand-new tow trucks. Instead, you can look for used tow trucks for the business. If you just need a tow truck for personal use, you can buy a used one on your own. Tow trucks are available in different sizes and engine types, typically referred to as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.


Step 1

Make a list to determine what you need to use the tow trucks for and what type of truck you need. Tow trucks have different engine types and are different sizes. For instance, you may need the trucks for a business or you may just need them to move things around on your farm. Once you know why you need the trucks and what you will do with them, it can help you determine the best used tow trucks for you.

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Step 2

Assess your financial situation to determine how you will be paying for your tow truck purchase. Check your balance in your checking account, savings account and credit cards. If you don't have enough cash for the purchase, you may need to apply for a loan at your local bank. To do that, just fill out an application with your income and employment details.


Step 3

Browse listings for used tow trucks on sites such as eBay Motors, Lynch Truck Center, Oodle Vehicles and Fleet Sales West (see Resources). Stick to listings for trucks that meet your needs. By looking at different sites you can get an idea of the fair market value of the used trucks so that you do not pay too much.

Step 4

Pay for your used tow truck once you come to an agreement on the price. Sign the bill of sale with the seller, which is your purchasing contract. The seller must sign the title of the tow truck over to you to complete the purchase and transfer the ownership of the vehicle.


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