How to Determine the Value of a Camper

You can search for the value of a new or used camper online, just as you would a vehicle, for the purpose of making a purchase or sale decision. Plus, you can do it for free at the NADA Guides website. NADA provides values for most fifth wheel, motor home, truck camper and camping trailer models, based on the year and manufacturer of the camper.


Step 1

Visit the NADA Guides website (see References). Enter your zip code to proceed to the camper values page.

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Step 2

Click on the type of camper for which you need the value and select the manufacturer name. You can also select the manufacturer name directly from the start page.


Step 3

Click on the year of your camper and the model name. You can obtain values for campers manufactured from the late 1970s through the current year.

Step 4

Use the checkboxes to specify the features of your camper. If your camper has a gas engine, enter the mileage. Do not enter mileage for campers that are towed or have a diesel engine.



Step 5

Read the values. Three values will appear: a "Suggested List" value, a "Low Retail Value" and an "Average Retail Value." The suggested list value is the highest amount and reflects the price of the camper when brand new. The low retail value reflects the price when blemishes and mechanical issues are present. Campers valued in this category are in need of repair. The average retail value represents the price when no significant problems are present with the camper. Wear and condition are consistent with the age and normal use of the model.



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