How to Donate Walkers

Walkers in good condition can be reused.

Walkers and other mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs have a high turnover rate; the people using them eventually no longer have a need for the assistance. If you no longer use your walker, give someone else in need a free walker. Choose from local or international donation options based on convenience and personal preference.


Step 1

Find a local branch office of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Each local office has a "loan closet" they stock with wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment. Ask your local office when you can drop off the walker, then do so.

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Step 2

Call the American Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) or fax them and let them know you have a walker you want to donate. If you have other medical equipment to donate, list them as well. Get donation instructions from the AMRF representative and follow through to donate the equipment.


Step 3

Send your old walker to Haiti through the Crutches to Haiti program. Visit the Crutches to Haiti donation site then click on your state to find a list of local donation spots. Contact local donation sites to find out when they accept deliveries, then bring your item for donation.


Crutches to Haiti suggests contacting your local Red Cross, United Way or Salvation Army if you don't find donation spots in your state. These organization may be able to get your used walker to Haiti.


Step 4

Register at The Med List to donate walkers in good condition. Complete the form with your personal information and choose a user name and password. Wait to receive email confirmation of your membership. Create an entry advertising your walker, then wait to be contacted by someone who needs a walker. Arrange the donation at this time.



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