Fundraising Ideas for Fire Victims

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When a fire disaster strikes, the results are devastating -- victims often escape with little more than the clothes on their backs. Fundraisers for fire victims are a compassionate way to provide support. Choosing the right fundraising idea can make all the difference in how much you're able to collect in goods, services and money.


Hot & Spicy Cook-Off

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People love to eat, so a cook-off's a great fundraiser. Center the cook-off around hot and spicy dishes like chili or cayenne fried chicken. Southern and southwestern cuisines offer many options. Participants can pay to enter as cooks, as well as to eat. When people arrive, tie the theme to the fire victims by using a slogan such as, 'fire's for cooking, not for destroying homes.' Donate leftovers directly to the victims, or invite them to the cook-off as guests of honor.


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Firehouse Tours and Rides

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Firefighters routinely give tours of their fire stations to kids, usually through school programs. Arrange for these tours with your fire department. Publicize the event and ask for donations at the door. If the department has the resources available, the firefighters may be able to give short rides in their trucks for additional donations. The station is the perfect environment to educate about fire safety, and the firefighters can talk to guests about what to do, if a fire breaks out at home.



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Most people use calendars, so selling them can help raise funds for fire victims. Although you can sell any calendars, those with a fire safety theme are most appropriate. If you want to take a lighthearted approach, you can make your own calendar, and ask volunteers from the local fire department to pose for it. Any local print shop should be able to print and bind the calendars for you, if you choose this option. If you sell ordinary calendars, ask local vendors to donate what you need.



Game Tournaments

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Game tournaments and game nights are good fundraisers for fire victims, because they're family-oriented and appeal to people of all ages. Options include sports like soccer or baseball, as well as board games like chess or checkers. To appeal to teens, try video games. Many teens are tech-savvy, so you shouldn't have a problem getting the games to work. You might also ask for donations of toys and other entertainment items, in addition to monetary donations. These aren't "necessary" items, but they can take the victims' minds off the fire -- items like teddy bears are especially comforting to young children.


Fire Safety Sale

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Ask local vendors to donate safety equipment that may be useful for fire prevention and safety, such as first aid kits, fire escape ladders, fire extinguishers and fire detectors. Sell these items at one event and give the proceeds to the victims. The nice thing about this option is that, like the firehouse tours, you have the opportunity to educate people about fire safety, and hopefully, prevent future fire disasters.



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