Cheap Things to Do on Your Birthday

Doing cheap yet exciting things on your birthday can lift a huge financial burden.
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Inexpensive birthdays are ideal for people who want to save money, use their creativity, take the pressure off of friends or families that are struggling financially, and focus on having fun with loved ones. There are several cheap things to do on your birthday that can seem just as elaborate as expensive birthdays.


Road Trip

Create memories with a road trip out of town.
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Take a road trip to another city. If you love to travel but do not have the funds to go out of state or out the country, in-state traveling can fulfill your hunger to explore. Plan ahead of time the sites you want to see and delicious snacks to pack. Your friends and family can give you birthdays gifts by providing travel music, camping gear or souvenirs. Enjoy the great outdoors and save money on lodging by camping out. Eat at a restaurant that you normally would not eat at and engage in new activities to encourage a festive mood.


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Game Night

A couple of competitive games can bring out the worry-free kid in you.
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Have a game night. Invite your friends over for a night filled with energy and fun. Request that your friends bring their favorite dish or snack to save money on food. Suggest that your friends give games as gifts, enabling those who are low on funds to show their love while contributing to the fun. The ladies and interested men can conclude the night with low-key spa treatments. Plan ahead for guests to bring spa items that they already own, such as lotion, nail polish, makeup and inexpensive hair supplies. This will add elegance and relaxation to your birthday without breaking the bank.


Pool Party

Pool Party
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Celebrate by throwing a pool party. Add a twist to the pool party by turning it into a cookout. Everyone can contribute, with some providing a location for the pool party and others bringing the food to barbecue, and the decorations. After the cookout, everyone can play a favorite sport to add excitement to the day.



Outdoor Movie Night

If you enjoy entertainment of the past, celebrate with an outdoor movie night.
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Reminisce about the past with an outdoor movie night and picnic. Depending on the mood you desire for your birthday celebration, you can rent a comedy, a romantic film, or an action movie. Birthday gift ideas can include a movie or a popcorn maker. Choose between light snacks, a vegetable and/or fruit platter, and a simple yet delicious dessert -- or invite everyone to bring a plate of their favorite food. After the movies, the partygoers can dance the night away to different genres of music to keep the celebration interesting and memorable.


Art Excursion

Viewing art can put you in a peaceful mood on your birthday.
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Take a week-long art excursion in your town. If you have a deep appreciation for art, exploring the free exhibitions, festivals and music concerts will add a happy tune to your day. Research upcoming dates of festivals, garden tours, special events at museums, craft showings and other forms of free art and cultural entertainment by looking in your local newspaper.



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