Small Fundraising Ideas for a Salon

Whether you have a cause you feel really passionate about or a sudden need has been brought to your attention, if you have access to a hair salon, there are a number of different ways that you could hold a small fund-raiser. Depending on your time and resources, you could host a small fundraiser in your community or you could limit the fundraiser to your salon employees and current patrons. Regardless of the cause, a hair salon can provide lots of opportunities to raise funds.


Funky Hair for Funds

Allow your patrons to get in on the fun of a fund-raiser by allowing them to throw money into a pool that mandates the stylists have funky hair styles. For instance, you could have one of the stylists dye her hair blue and have her keep it that way for a certain number of days, depending on the money thrown into her pot. One hundred dollars in her pot means she has to keep it that way for a week and so on. Make up a sign so that her customers will know what is going on and encourage them to participate. Another approach you could take is to have a person with long hair voluntarily shave her head when enough money has been thrown in her pot.


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Pedicures of no Profits

A great way to raise funds could be to have some staff members volunteer to give pedicures free of charge. Sell tickets for $25 per pedicure and have patrons come in on a certain day with their tickets. The money gained from the ticket sales could be used to support the cause for which you are raising funds.



Set up several massage tables and chairs in your salon and offer massages to the patrons as they await their hair or nail services. Inform the patrons of the cause for which funds are being raised and ask them for donations. Often, when you ask for a donation, you will receive more money than you would have charged.


Ladies Night of Pampering

Host an evening event at your salon. Charge a cover charge to include pampering such as brief massages, pedicures, manicures, facials and eye brow waxing. Have complimentary food and wine and hold an auction for different baskets of hair and self-care products. Ask your staff to volunteer at the event and offer any patron who supplies a basket to be auctioned a free admission.