How to Find Out My National Insurance Number

A National Insurance Number is used in the United Kingdom to access government programs and services like unemployment benefits and health insurance. If you were born in the United Kingdom, you automatically receive a National Insurance card along with your National Insurance Number on your 16th birthday. There are several locations where you may be able to find the number. If you can't find the number, you may have to apply for a replacement card.

Step 1

Locate your National Insurance card. The card looks like a credit card and has your National Insurance Number printed on it.

Step 2

Look for any of the following documents, which may have your National Insurance Number printed on it: payslips, forms P60, End of Year Certificate or forms p45, Employee leaving details. The number may also be found on any letters you've received from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Step 3

Apply for a replacement card by contacting your local Jobcentre, Jobcentre Plus or Social Security office. You can find the phone number for your local offices by checking your local phone directory.


If you have difficulty finding the number or locating your nearest Jobcentre or Social Security office, call the National Insurance registration helpline for assistance at 0845 915 7006.