How to Replace a Stolen Bridge Card

If someone steals your wallet, your first thought is probably canceling any credit or debit cards that were in it. Michigan residents who receive public service benefits receive an electronic benefits transfer card called a Bridge card to access their benefits. This Bridge card operates just like a debit card, and if stolen should be canceled as soon as possible.


Help Available 24 Hours a Day

Call the customer service line of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at 888-678-8914 and follow the instructions to report a lost or stolen card. This automated line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the call is toll-free. When you request a replacement card, your old card will immediately be deactivated.


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If someone else uses your benefits, the state does not provide replacement benefits.

The state mails your new card within three to five business days of your request. If you cannot be without benefits for that long, you can call your caseworker and arrange to pick up an "over-the-counter" replacement card from your local DHS office. The new card doesn't have to be activated and uses the same PIN as your old card.


Repeated Replacement Requests

Michigan issues your initial Bridge card for free and allows you one free replacement. After you've had two Bridge cards issued to you, DHS reduces your benefits to cover the cost of the replacement card. This cost applies regardless of the reason for your request, so even if you are the victim of theft, you may still have to pay to replace it.


If you request four replacement cards within 12 months, DHS may require you to have a personal interview before processing another request for a card.