How to Recycle Wood Pallets for Money

Companies always need more wood pallets.
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From the supermarket to the factory to the electronics store, any place that manufactures or sells goods relies on wood pallets to pack, transport, ship and receive goods. With so many wood pallets in circulation, you're sure to spot free pallets around town. Turn the free pallets into a moneymaking opportunity. Ask store owners if you may take the pallets if they are not using them again, then turn around and sell the pallets within your community or online. Take the time to advertise your wood, and you'll find a buyer.


Step 1

Lumber and woodworking companies might be llooing for damaged pallets to repair and sell back to manufacturers.
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Call manufacturing companies near you that use wooden pallets to see whether they need extra pallets. Check with lumber companies and woodworking companies that might be looking for damaged pallets to repair and sell back to manufacturers, suggests Goeman's Wood Products. Let the clerk at these companies know how many pallets you have, what size they are and what condition they're in. Offer to deliver the pallets to sweeten the deal.


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Step 2

List your wooden pallets for sale on a pallet recyclers' network, such as the Wooden Pallet Recycling Exchange or the North American Pallet Recycling Network. Create a free account on these sites to begin selling. List the number of pallets you have available, the price per pallet and where you're located. Describe the condition of your product so buyers know the condition and size of your pallet lot. Wait for a buyer to contact you, then arrange the details of the sale.

Step 3

Sell pallets to someone in your community who can haul them away.
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Advertise pallet wood to crafters and artists in your community. As Backwoods Home Magazine notes, pallet wood can easily become a bird feeder, birdhouse or other craft project. Create a flyer, and post it in art schools, art supply stores and galleries. Put a classified ad in your local newspaper listing your contact information and the basic details. Arrange to sell the pallets to someone in your community who can haul them away.


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