How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards can be used at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, at Disney retail stores and at the Disney website. The cards can be applied towards park admission, hotel stays, park tickets, tours, Disney park merchandise and dining within the Disney parks. Gift cards can also be applied towards Disney cruises and Disney vacation adventure packages. Disney Gift Cards can be used in succession towards a single purchase, or upon special request the gift cards can be combined.

Step 1

Contact the Disney Gift Card hotline at 877-650-4327.

Step 2

Press "1" for an English speaking representative or "2" for a Spanish language representative.

Step 3

Press "0" to reach an operator.

Step 4

Inform the operator that you wish to combine your Disney Gift Cards.

Step 5

Read the card number of each Disney Gift Card to the representative. Your representative will ask for the card numbers one by one.

Step 6

Tell the Disney representative which card that you wish to have the entire new balance on. You must know the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the chosen card.

Step 7

Obtain confirmation from the Disney representative that your balance has been combined. Your Disney representative will give you the new total balance at that time.


Do not destroy old Disney Gift Cards until you have received confirmation from the Disney Representative that your balance has been combined.

Get a transaction confirmation number from the Disney representative who combines your gift cards and keep that number in a safe place.

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