How to Order Online Using a Money Order

When you order online, the common process is to pull out your credit or debit card and enter your information to make your payment. In some cases, you can also pay with an eCheck by entering your bank checking account and routing number into the checkout page. But you can also send a money order, which is similar to a check only not drawn from your personal bank account, to pay for your online order. You have to coordinate with the seller of the product you want to buy online in order to pay with a money order.


Step 1

Navigate to the online seller's website. Click the option to view the detail page for the product you wish to purchase. Take note of the product name, price and item number.

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Step 2

Look for a link on the product page that provides you information on how to send in a printed check or money order to pay for products listed online. The seller may provide you with a form to fill out to send with your payment. If not, select the "Contact" or similarly named option on the seller's homepage to send your order information.


Step 3

Enter your order information in the form or contact email box where requested, including your name, address, phone number, item name, item number and the quantity you wish to order. Calculate the subtotal for the amount you owe manually if the seller's order form does not automatically calculate the total for you.


Step 4

Add any sales tax required for your order. In many cases, if your shipping address is in the same state as the company you have to pay sales tax on the order. If this is the case, multiply your state sales tax rate by the total from the previous step and then add that amount to your subtotal.



Step 5

Read the shipping information provided by the seller. Calculate your shipping cost manually based on the number of items you wish to purchase. For instance, say the seller charges $2.99 for the first item and $2 for each additional item. If you plan to purchase 3 items your total shipping cost to include in your money order payment is $6.99. Add that amount to the updated subtotal from the previous step to get the final amount of the money order you need to enclose when sending in your order.


Step 6

Print the order information you've entered to send with your order. Visit your local money order issuing location to get a money order for the total amount due. Send it along with your printed order to the online seller.


Allow a couple of weeks to receive your order back in the mail — it takes time for the seller to receive, cash and process your shipment. Call or email the company for feedback if you're concerned about your order. In some cases, you can also call the money order issuing company to see if it was cashed if the order is taking very long.



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